Two Ways To Administer

There are two ways to administer Parolee Inventory (PI) tests: 1. Over our online or internet platform ( Evaluators can select the test administration system that best meets their needs. , or 2. On Windows diskettes or USB flash drives (

Regardless of which test administration system (diskettes, USB flash drives or over the internet) is used, paper-pencil testing remains the most popular way to test. Test booklets and answer sheets are provided free. Online or internet test users can download or print free test booklets and answer sheets and then copy them as desired.

PI Scale Scores (Risk Ranges)

Risk Category

Risk Range Percentile

Total Percentage

Low Risk

0 - 39%


Medium Risk

40 - 69%


Problem Risk

70 - 89%


Severe Problem

90 - 100%


There are several levels of PI interpretation, ranging from viewing the Parolee Inventory as a self-report to interpreting scale elevations and scale inter-relationships.

A problem is not identified until a scale score is at the 70th percentile or higher. Elevated scale scores refer to percentile scores that are at or above the 70th percentile. Severe problems are identified by scale scores at or above the 90th percentile.

At one sitting of approximately 30 minutes duration, staff can acquire a vast amount of information, which includes information from each of the Parolee Inventory (PI) Scales: Truthfulness Scale, Violence Scale, Antisocial Scale, Self-Esteem Scale, Distress Scale, Alcohol Scale, Drug Scale, and the Stress Coping (Management) Abilities Scale.